sealed pavers
sealed pavers

If you’re asking yourself "Do I need to seal my pavers?" you aren’t alone – it is one of the most common questions we are asked! You’ve just purchased some pavers for your new outdoor entertaining area or driveway and you’ve likely invested a bit of money into the products to make sure your new space is perfect.

The short answer to the above question, is no, you don’t need to seal your pavers. While it’s not necessary for any structural or performance reasons, we do recommend that you seal your pavers to protect your investment. If you’ve bought products from Williams , you’ve invested your property and sealing your pavers will ensure they look great and remain that way for years to come.

The last thing you want is for your brand new paved area to be stained from the BBQ, spilt drinks, tannin stains or anything else your area may be subject to. These types of stains can be tough to remove buteasy to prevent! Sealing your pavers will allow you to clean and maintain them with little effort allowing you to protect your investment from anything that your family throws at is (literally).

composite timbers

The use of composite and plastic decking products as an alternative to timber may still be relatively new in Australia but there's already a vast range of products available and it's growing.

We have found throughout our Williams Group stores that the use of of both composite cladding and decking is growing at an exponential rate.

Wood-plastic composite (WPC) deck products are the dominant type, although there are rice husk-plastic and other fillers, as well as entirely plastic versions.

The main reason for its popularity is its low maintenance but other benefits include its standardised size and straightness, as well as its termite, water and UV resistance.

Williams Group Australia recommend and can supply many differing products from different manufacturers, we have found that Modwood in either the 88x23mm or 137mm decking would have the major share of the Williams WPC decking business, however products from Biowood and Trex are making a noticeable change on the Williams Group product offer.

One of my favorites is the Biowood Castellated Cladding this product looks great and also provides the installer with an easy installation process. Extensive use in the commercial fit out market.

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composite timbers

Williams Group now stock GEOHEX, another great Australian made product with some great applications; agricultural, residential, industrial, sporting and mining to name a few.

The GEOHEX™ Erosion Control System is a unique and innovative ground stabilisation technology that is easy to use and quick to install.

GEOHEX™ is a permeable ground stabilisation technology that has been engineered for use in multiple applications ranging from soil & turf stabilisation for the enhancement of water saving measures to the reinforcement of roads in and around mine and construction sites.

With a load rating of 1200 tonnes per square metre the GEOHEX™ system is a safe and cost effective substitute for concrete in many applications. It is environmentally friendly and designed to reduce maintenance and logistic costs while at the same time increasing safety and water conservation.

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